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Emanuel Franklin is the host of The Messenger Program. He is also author of the book Why Are So Many Christians Confused About Bible Prophecy? and The Prophetic Messenger, a bi-monthly geopolitical intelligence/religious newsletter. He has been a featured guest on the Northwest Praise the LORD show on KNMT-TV 24 (TBN affiliate station) in Portland, Oregon. He also the host of a new television program about Bible prophecy, world events and Christian preparation.

He is a pastor from Seattle, Washington. In 1987 he established Mysteries From The Word Of God Ministries, a ministry of evangelism, discipleship and leadership training.

Emanuel Franklin has been a guest speaker on several radio shows around the country including the Andy Anderson Show, the Stan Solomon Show, Countdown with Leighton Smith, the Chuck Morse Show, the Bob Dutko Show, Marty Stacy (Paul and Marty Show), the Michael Dresser Show, the Dave and Amy Show, the John Dayl Show, the Ernie Sanders Show, Cry Justice with Judy Redlich, the Dave Ingram Show, the Pat Bullock Show, John Loefler (Steel on Steel), the Craig Adams Show and the Jerry Hughes Show.

Emanuel Franklin is happily married to his wife and has one son.

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